Your online classroom

built inside Zoom & Cisco Webex

The tools you need to level up teaching & learning at your institution

Freshclass embeds powerful learning and teaching tools inside platforms you already use like Zoom & Webex. So teachers, admins & students finally have an engaging online classroom built just for them.
Activity Modes
recordings library
office hours
learning analytics

Everything that’s been missing from your online classroom


Personalized view of classes, instructors, and upcoming assignments


Automated attendance capture, student name pronunciation & notes for each meeting

Class tools

Activity modes to create specific learning environments (i.e. mute all for lecture, disable all cameras for individual work)

Assignments / Grading

Automated attendance capture, student name pronunciation & notes for each meeting

Office hours

Simple scheduler to coordinate synchronous 1:1 and group meetings for office hours, tutoring, or parent-teacher conferences


Automatic gallery of class recordings created for each session

A comprehensive remote learning platform

Freshclass leverages native Zoom and Webex features with fresh new tools to create one powerful platform that simplifies remote education for everyone.

Freshclass integrates with systems you already use


Support for major K12 and HE SISs though APIs and OneRoster. Automatic provisioning of classes, management of enrollments, and user roles.


Support for LMS integration via LTI to sync class assignments and to provision classes, manage enrollments and user roles if no SIS is available.

Zoom & webex

API and SDK driven integrations with Zoom & Webex. Designed for use as on platform as native Apps, but also available standalone if preferred.
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